Spam button in the OTRS 6 ticket overview

In this blog post we show how a spam button can be added to the OTRS ticket view, which moves the ticket to the Junk queue and closes it immediately.

OTRS Spam-Button

In order to automatically set the ticket to the closed state, we first need the state ID.
This can be found in the admin area under States and can be found in the URL of the selected state (…Action=AdminState;Subaction=Change;ID=2).

By default, the ID for the state successfully closed is 2.

Then we search for Ticket::Frontend::MenuModule###470-Junk in the system configuration and activate it by clicking on the setting.

The name of the new queue (Junk by default) and the state ID must be entered under Link.
In this case, the value would look like this: Action=AgentTicketMove;TicketID=[% Data.TicketID %];DestQueue=Junk;NewStateID=2


Finally, the setting must be deployed.

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