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OTRS Add-on Modern Skin Customer

Modern Skin Customer

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Customer Experience Design & Visual

Install the Modern Skin Customer add-on on your OTRS system

1. Log in to the Efflux portal or sign up for free.

2. Add the Modern Skin Customer add-on to your repository.

3. One-Time: Install the Efflux Repository on your OTRS.

4. Open the Package Manager in OTRS and select Modern Skin Customer for installation.

To the Efflux portal


A modern and flat customer skin by Efflux.

A modern OTRS skin for your customers.

Give your OTRS a complete new facelift with over 1,100 lines of CSS.



Loader::Customer::SelectedSkin: To enable this skin: change 'default' to 'ModernSkinCustomer'.




It was our wish to have a skin like this, very clean, fonts, colors, as well as functional. Great job. Thank you for giving us this new face to otrs.