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OTRS Add-on Modern Skin Customer

Modern Skin Customer

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Customer Experience Design & Visual

Install the Modern Skin Customer add-on on your OTRS system

1. Log in to the Efflux portal or sign up for free.

2. Add the Modern Skin Customer add-on to your repository.

3. One-Time: Install the Efflux Repository on your OTRS.

4. Open the Package Manager in OTRS and select Modern Skin Customer for installation.

To the Efflux portal


A modern and flat customer skin by Efflux.

A modern OTRS skin for your customers.

Give your OTRS a complete new facelift with over 1,100 lines of CSS.



Loader::Customer::SelectedSkin: To enable this skin: change 'default' to 'ModernSkinCustomer'.




it's perfect. We just have the issue that we use a customer logo, but you can't move the customer logo or change the size with this skin. Does anyone hast the same problem?
Hello Dragomir,

Thanks for your feedback. It's unfortunately not possible to change the size or the position of customer logos. You could add your own CSS code or change your logo to make it fit.

Your Efflux Team


It was our wish to have a skin like this, very clean, fonts, colors, as well as functional. Great job. Thank you for giving us this new face to otrs.