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OTRS Add-on Text Module

Text Module

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Customer Experience Productivity

Install the Text Module add-on on your OTRS system

1. Log in to the Efflux portal or sign up for free.

2. Add the Text Module add-on to your repository.

3. One-Time: Install the Efflux Repository on your OTRS.

4. Open the Package Manager in OTRS and select Text Module for installation.

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Enables creating and managing text modules to increase the quality and reply speed of customer answers with pre defined text.

Manage and use an unlimited amount of text modules. Your agents will love it!

Text modules are response templates that are used frequently. In contrast to normal templates, text modules can be combined and used on all pages in which customer contact can take place.

Available on these pages: AgentTicketEmail, AgentTicketPhone, AgentTicketCompose, AgentTicketEmailOutbound, AgentTicketPhoneCommon, AgentTicketForward




This is awsome. This Addon have a lot of potential and is a must have on OTRS.

As some info passed to me, are in improvement, so lets just wait to this powerfull Addon.

: 2020-03-19

Update: A nice feature would be queue-dependant texts. So when we switch a queue, we only get a subset of texts to chose from.

Nice addon, easy to administer and easy to use. Very cleanly written.
Small nitpick: Installation and usage failed on our server (using MariaDB), as the default character/collation is set to "utfmb4" which has a smaller limit on UNIQUE keys. See also here:

So we had to manually execute the create statement with this line changed:
name VARCHAR (250) NOT NULL,
name VARCHAR (191) NOT NULL,
Hello Rolf,

OTRS itself is currently not supporting utf8mb4. But I agree that the package should to be prepered for the future.
Changes will take action in version 6.0.2 and higher (new installations).
Thanks for your feedback!

Your Efflux Team


The Add-on has helped us a lot in standardizing and quickly composing messages and responses to our customers.
Our agents are grateful.