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OTRS Add-on Compress Image

Compress Image

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Install the Compress Image add-on on your OTRS system

1. Log in to the Efflux portal or sign up for free.

2. Add the Compress Image add-on to your repository.

3. One-Time: Install the Efflux Repository on your OTRS.

4. Open the Package Manager in OTRS and select Compress Image for installation.

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Compresses images (JPG and PNG) on the system to save space. The add-on is made for systems that receive many images in high resolution or quality. Instead of deleting images or moving them to an external server, Compress Image helps to compress images almost lossless and save valuable disk space. The resolution remains unchanged.

Example: A system with 100 GB of images is about 40 GB in size afterwards. The space-saving is around 60%.